Netball Competition

On Monday 2nd October we held a Netball tournament at our school with some other local schools, Rock Ferry, Our Lady of Pity and St Bridget’s. It was a really tough competition because most of the players from the other schools were really tall but all were nice and we made some new friends! It was an extremely windy day but the weather didn’t put us off and we carried on playing 3 different games. We really enjoyed it a lot and are already looking forward to the next tournament in a couple of months.

Helen Y6 & Naveen Y5

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Basketball Tournament

On Thursday 26th January Mr Moore and Mrs Potter took 10 pupils to Kingsway Academy for a basketball competition: Thomas, William, Flynn, Finlay, Molly , Charley , James, Christopher , Jacob and Josh. 

In our first game, we got off to a great start when Thomas got the first goal, but minutes later the opposition scored too. We held through a tough game and got a 1-1 draw.

Round 2: We stood in our places and waited till the whistle blew. We were very desperate to just grab the ball but we just didn’t score. After about 2 minutes we started to substitute players. We had to find the fastest person on the opposition so that we could target them. We had a couple of chances, but again the opposition were a tough team to beat, so the match ended 0-0.

As we watched the next three matches (as were weren’t playing in them) we worked out that we had to win our next match by three goals to get into the final. We really were feeling the tension.

The third match was such an exciting experience especially as we had to score a certain amount of goals. Finlay was the first to score, then he managed to score again. Afterwards, when we had not much time to go, Molly finally scored our third goal!

Amazingly we had got through to the final- we were so happy about it. So we started the final match and the time was ticking and ticking. Molly eventually scored our first goal. Soon after though, the opposition scored. We were back on the counter, and Molly scored again. Sadly, the opposition then scored again too.

 The time ran out, but the referee gave us 2 minutes extra time. However, no-body scored and it remained 2-2. The referee said we would have to do a shoot-off. So, five of us lined up: Molly, Thomas, Flynn, James and Finlay and threw the ball player after player. Molly managed to score the only goal of the shoot-off. We had won!! Everyone was so happy.

We would like to thank the parents who took us the Academy and Mr Moore, Mrs Potter and Mr Birch for arranging the competition and supporting us.

Written by Molly, Thomas and William.

Check back soon to see how our Basketball team do in the next competition.