Our Staff

Headteacher  Miss Angela Williams

Deputy Headteacher  Mrs Lindsay Smith

Senior Managers  Mrs H Caulfield, Mrs C Hughes    Mr M Mulhall

Foundation 2  Mrs E Mann,  Miss M Thomas,          

Year 1 Mrs S Bailey, Mrs H Caulfield,                      Mrs N Evans, Mrs T Swindlehurst

Year 2 Mrs D Crutchley, Mr M Mulhall                     Mrs M Potter (Maternity Cover)                             

Year 3 & 4   Mrs A Cook, Miss C Davies,                Miss C McCombs, Mrs R Wheeler, 

Year 5 & 6  Dr C Birch, Mrs C Hughes, Mr J Moore,       Mrs L Smith

Teaching Assistants  Ms A Bruder,  Mr T Fewtrell,  Mrs S Griffiths, Mrs S Higgins, Ms J Jones,             Mrs S Kelly, Mrs S Manley, Mrs C Mealor,               Mrs M Milligan, Miss J Peterson, 

Business Manager  Mrs J McKay

Office Manager  Mrs K Lench,

Finance Officer  Mrs A Peddie

Admin Assistants  Mrs K Atherton, Mrs S Manley

Site Manager  Mrs E Raitt

Cleaners  Ms J Beavan, 

Kitchen StaffMrs P Burgess, Mrs J Holtam, 

Midday Supervisory Assistants Miss A Bruder,  Mr T Fewtrell, Mrs S Griffiths, Mrs S Higgins, Ms J Jones, Miss L Jones, Ms K NJawa, Miss J Peterson  

Pre-School Management Committee   Mrs K Brown, Mrs L Kerr, Mrs S Manley, Mrs L Smith (the committee also includes up to 7 parent representatives)

Pre-School Leader  Mrs G Potter

Deputy Leader  Mrs K Jones

Assistants Mrs A Bojtler, Mrs C Corey-Jones, Mrs L Garvey, Mrs S Kerin, Mrs F Stephenson



Our Governors

Governors Code of Conduct

Chair of Governors:  Mr B Sharp (Foundation-31.8.16)

Vice Chair of Governors:  Mrs M Reid (Foundation-31.8.16)

Foundation Governors:  Mrs L Booth (31.8.19),          Fr. Stephen Coonan,(1.9.18) Dr F Grasso,(31.8.17)     Mr M Goulding,(30.9.17) Mrs L McGregor,(31.8.19)    Mr P O'Neill,(31.8.16)

Parent Governors:  Mr I Wheeler,(31.8.19)                  Dr C Whitehead (31.8.16)

Headteacher Governor:  Mrs M Jackson 

Staff Governors: Mrs S Manley(31.8.19),                       Mrs Milligan (Co-opted)(31.8.19)

Dates in brackets show when Terms of Office end

LA Appointed Governor  

All Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

Parent Governors are appointed after a ballot of all parents and Staff Governors are appointed after a ballot of all staff.  We currently have a vacancy for a Local Authority Governor.

Curriculum Committee Governors: Dr F Grasso (Chair), Mrs M Jackson, Mrs S Manley, Mr I Wheeler, Mrs L McGregor, Mrs L Booth, Mrs M Milligan

Resources Committee Governors:  Mr M Goulding (Chair), Mrs M Jackson, Mr B Sharp, Mr C Whitehead, Mr P O'Neill, Mrs M Reid

Admission Committee Governors:  Mrs S Manley (Chair), Mrs M Jackson, Fr S Coonan, Dr F Grasso

Pay and Personel Committee Governors: Mr B Sharp (Chair), Mrs M Jackson, Mrs M Reid, Mr M Goulding, Mr I Wheeler

Governor's Attendance at meetings 2015-2016

There are no interests to declare as of September 2015.