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About Our Class:

"Mr Moore's class is an exciting and fun class. His class is full of new and amazing things, along with brilliant pupils and a fantastic teacher."- Zoe 

"There is never a dull day in this class. No one gets left out in this class."- Finlay

"Learning in Mr Moore's class is great. He helps you when you are stuck and gives you lots of support. An element of fun is always in our lessons: PE, Art, Maths, English and Science."- Charlotte

"Being in Mr Moore's class is so much fun; we always put up great decorations at Christmas."- Matthew L

"Mr Moore's class is really fun and it's always a happy place to be. Mr Moore makes lessons fun and interesting and in the mornings we can't wait to see what tie he will be wearing."- Susie

"It is brilliant. Everyone gets along and shares things with each other."- Patrick

Spring Term

What an exciting term we have once again in Year 5/6 JM. In Geography the children are learning about the UK and France. We will be looking at how they are similar, plus discussing how Paris has changed since the 1850s.

In PE we will be studying Tag-Rugby and the skills required to play successfully. We will also be studying the rules of tag-rugby. Hopefully we will then be able to play an inta-competition between the three 5/6 classes. 

We are studying Monet and the Impressionists in our  Art lessons. Already the children have studied way light and the season of year can change a picture. You can see some of the childrens' brilliant art work below- I really do have some fantastic artists in my class! The first set of pictures shows the children painting a landscape in the style of Monet. The second set show the children painting a haystack during a certain season of the year. Can you guess what season the children have painted? 

The second set show the children painting a haystack during a certain season of the year. Can you guess what season the children have painted? 

Some of the children have even been inspired to try painting Monet's style at home.

Our science topic this half-term involves classifying animals: the children have already looked at Kingdom, Class, Family and Species of different animals- they have even sorted animals based on their groups. 

We also spent a fun afternoon looking at Newton's Laws of Motion and making a rocket. We then got to set them off on the playground.

During the Computing lessons, children have been programming and creating their own strands of code. 


November was a fantastic month for 5/6 JM. We won the Walk to School Awards for having the most children travel to school via their feet that month. Alex also won Mrs Murray's Caring Cup for showing a real kindness to a new member of our class.

Our Autumn Topics

This half term the children are continuing to learn about World War One. We will be studying a local hero- Noel Chavasse- who was from Liverpool and is one of only three people to have be awarded a Victoria Cross twice. In PE, the children are choreographing a dance to show the journey of war: their last night, packing to leave and marching to battle.

We then performed our War Dance to the rest of the school!

In Design and Technology, the children have been learning about different stitches, materials and threads. They have even had a go at making a purse.

We then used what we had learnt to make a Christmas stocking.

Trip to The Liverpool Museum

The children were treated to an exciting day of activities at the Museum of Liverpool and Liverpool Maritime Museum where they learnt all about life during World War 1, the Lusitania and how to use the skills of a historian.


In Science we have been learning about Electricity. We have looked at how to make simple circuits, and how the length of wire and number of components can alter the current.

Meeting players from Tranmere Rovers 

On 15th November we met two players from Tranmere Rovers. It was very exciting and we managed to ask them lots of exciting questions. Mr Moore even got his flag signed!

Christmas is coming.........

This week we have carried out many different Christmas activities: Christmas booklets, Christmas cards, place-mats and performing our Christmas Carol concert- Baboushka. We also looked at how different countries celebrate Christmas.

Our Christmas party was really fun: lots of team work to complete the activities.


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