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Tag Rugby

Tag rugby is a game of sport in which you try and score as many trys as possible without being tagged by your opponent. Games at our club last for about 5 minutes. It is very enjoyable and it keeps us fit and healthy, plus, Mr Moore is a great coach. We have learnt the rules of tag-rugby and how to score a try. We practice passing, catching, how to support our team and how to be ready to intercept the ball. In the future we hope to compete against other schools and we hope to have another year of tag-rugby coached by Mr Moore and Mr Fewtrell.

By Rubaidh  and Rachael





Football club includes boys and girls and no-one gets left out. Everyone gets a go at being captain. Football club is good and fun and gives you an opportunity to choose any position that you want to be to try and improve that position. We do matches and practice skills. Year 5 and 6 have both entered a tournament already this year, with Year 5 still involved. The club is run by Mr Moore, Mr Fewtrell and Mr Birch.

By Matthew L, Matthew  and Finlay